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“Marty was able to take my goals and make them a reality.”

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If there is one thing Marty can do, it is his outgoing and always positive attitude, every time after you finish a session with him you feel high on life. As for informational, I have been working out for 8 years, first time in a competition. I thought I knew my stuff by now, boy was I wrong. Marty is a text book of information. Marty is on the new and fresh side of things i.e. for workouts (tension band, different workout techniques), nutrition (everything he had me doing was completely different from everyone else that was doing the same comp).
Chad Ryckman

Marty was able to take my goals and make them a reality. Even with all the hurdles and pitfalls I put us through. Twice over the course of one year I think I lost ALL of the weight and muscle I had put on in the gym and we had to start over from square one. He took these hurdles in stride and was able to encourage me to keep trying even after I myself felt like giving up.

I highly recommend Marty to anyone who is serious about competing or even just serious about starting a workout program, and getting on with a healthy lifestyle.
Jackie Groleau

Marty has the knowledge needed for living a healthy lifestyle while building muscle. He is always there to answer your questions (even if they’re silly and at 10:30 at night), provide support, and help you through the rough patches. It’s not always easy to get to your goals but Marty is there to do the thinking part for you; you just need to put in the work. He is the happiest, most polite and professional trainer I’ve seen out there. I’m very pleased with him, and the results I’m seeing, I would recommend him to anyone!
Leigh Unger

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