The Top 5 Reasons Your Bodybuilding Training Sucks

Aug 8, 2020 | Training

You see this all the time.

“I just can’t seem to get my arms bigger”

“My upper pecs just WON’T GROW”

“Why aren’t my lats big?!?”

“Where are my abs?!”

These problems are not only common, but usually pretty damn easy to fix.

It’s mind blowing to see the amount of guys in the gym, hammering away with weights.

  • That doesn’t work so you do more sets.
  • That doesn’t work so you go heavier.
  • That doesn’t work, so you go lower rep.
  • That doesn’t work, so you do all free weights.
  • That doesn’t work so you do high rep, low weight.

Let’s cut to the chase.

There are EASY tiny little things that you can do to get the most out of your training.

This is not triathlon training; this is not marathon training; this is not football training.

This is bodybuilding/physique training!

Reason 1. You’re using too much damn weight

Sure, being strong is really cool. But there are TONS of very proportionate, well developed physique out there that are NOT using tremendous poundage to build their bodies.

If you were to ask around at a LOT of the professionals, or anyone who has built a substancial phsyqiue, they would tell you so, especially those who have been in the game for a while. Now, im not saying you should lift light and fluffy, but I’m saying that strength is ONE factor to it. If you’re training for the muscle, you should be FEELING the muscle contract EACH AND EVERY REP. If you lose that feeling, you’re wasting your time. Drop the ego and drop the weight

Reason 2. You’re waiting too long in between sets

You are NOT powerlifting, and as such, so not need whopping breaks in between sets. If any set, yes even leg training, is taking you more than 2 minutes in between sets, you’re either waiting around to long, yakking to a buddy, or staring too long at a girl on the stepper. Wait for your breathing to come back down, then get back in there. This is bodybuilding, not powerlifting.

Reason 3. You’re not working the muscles you’re intending on working

I see this all the damn time—with arm training especially.

Guys are literally swinging the weights around. You can’t train momentum, so stop it. Focus on what muscles you SHOULD be working. Try to do curls and feeling it in your shoulders? You’re moving you elbow too much and swinging the weight. Feeling your rows in your forearms? You’re squeezing the bar too much or you might need straps. If you cannot feel the desired muscle working, your technique is off. Or see rule #1

Reason 4. Your exercise selection sucks

This occurs too. You should know a bit of anatomy when it comes to training. It’ll help you out more than you think. Know the triceps? 3 muscles (tri-ceps, duh) and they all do a different motion. Pushdowns? That’s working one. Dumbbell overhead extension? That’s working a different one. See what I mean? Don’t do ONLY pushdowns… you won’t develop all the msucles you need. Get a great program from a knowledgable coach (Mega Marty, duh) that can help you bring up your weaknesses.

Reason 5. You’re not using enough intensity

This could be said about all aspects of training, but none the less here it is. You can’t come in, have a walk around, do some curls and expect to get big and ripped. You have to put some damn effort in, even on the days you don’t want to. FORCEFULLY contract your muscles, and then CONTROLLABLY RESIST the negative (eccentric) portion. Tossing around the weight won’t get you anywhere, but try to make 50 lbs feel like 100 but using correct intensity techniques.

BONUS REASON: Your nutrition doesn’t support your goals

This should be #1, but it needs to be addressed. Get your food in line or NONE of these tips will be very much help. You can put all the fancy finishing touches you want on your car, but if you feed it junk gas, it’s not only going to not be good for the car, but going to make all the time you put into the car useless. Track your food. Log it. Am I progressing? Take photos of yourself. Measurements. Weigh yourself. Get your brain in the game

– – –

SO there you have it, some SIMPLE tips to up your game and not waste your time in the gym. Apply these to each and every workout and you should get much more out of your training than you ever have.


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