About Marty

I take a different approach than most.

The time I take to put into each workout plan, nutrition plan, or contest prep is both detailed and individualized because I believe in FAST-tracking you as safely as possible towards obtaining your desired body… all while enjoying the whole process.

I offer what you need based upon an in-depth one-on-one consultation.

I’ll take into account your goals, your history with nutrition and working out, and your lifestyle.

Every human body is unique, so every plan is tailored accordingly. You will never experience “just” a cookie cutter diet or program.


My Experience

I have 11+ years experience working in contest prep, nutrition, bodybuilding and personal training. My knowledge continues to expand every day in every aspect of fitness. I’ve become known as a forerunner in my industry by constantly furthering myself in new methods and busting myths that run rampant in the fitness industry.


How I Can Help You

Here is how I help clients like you:

  • I offer “no-nonsense” coaching, meal plans, and workouts. I give you what you need to achieve your goals.
  • I am willing to help you get ready for a specific date, as quickly yet as safely as possible.
  • I teach you why you’re doing what you’re doing, so that you know how to adapt and tweak the basic principles going forward.
  • Some trainers subtly try to instil “dependency” in their clients. My job is the opposite: to empower clients with knowledge, strategies and behaviours that they can take with them beyond our time together.

These ideas have caught on like wildfire with my clients, and I believe anyone can benefit from this type of approach.

I want to “fast-track” you to success with an individualized plan based on proven principles and the strategies I’ve learned in my 20+ years getting clients lean.