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Becoming Mega Made:

I have adopted 2 new definitions of “trainer” and “coach” over the years.

A trainer does things for the client.

A coach does things with the client.

I’m Mega Marty, and I am a professional coach.

I can create excellent plans. Nutrition blueprints and workout programs made just for you. If followed, they would take you closer to your fitness goals. All plans , regardless of how great they are, eventually will need adjustments. We are notoriously the worst judges of ourselves – changing this too early, leaving that for too long, adding unnecessary things in, taking vital parts out.

The key to adjusting your plans perfectly – when, how, what, why, and when – is masterful coaching. Creating, optimizing, and implementing plans is a skill I’ve been perfecting for more than half my life. 15 + years of schooling and university, studying psychology, nutrition, and exercise science – along with 100’s of success stories, transformations, and 1st place overall show champions – have been poured into this. This, I call my coaching. 

How I coach

I think of myself as your “Fitness and Nutrition GPS” in every regard. From finding Ideal routes to detours, recommending certain stops to manoeuvring various obstacles. Everything can, and will be, adjusted to take you towards your ultimate destination – your goals. Your plans –  –  will be created to fit into your life. For some, maximizing results is their number one priority. For others, fitness is something they wish to improve upon with the time they have. Either way, it’s my job to help you implement it in and around your life – Social life, work life, family life, personal life. 

Coaching is a relationship. I don’t have relationships with people’s bodies. I develop relationships with people. They develop their bodies through the coaching. As the relationship develops – communication, feedback, trust, and respect all develop – the body, along with the mind, also develops. No one just a number – there isn’t a one size fits all workout or diet. I don’t coach a single person the same, but I treat all of them the same. They all get my time, my respect, my attention, and effort.

I have a series of guided assessment questions that are filled out once per week. Your biofeedback will provide the information I require in able to coach correctly. I don’t believe knowing simply someone’s weight and/or pictures does that. Sleep, digestion, the menstrual cycle, attitude, stress and more – all can have such dramatic effects on results.  

I know we aren’t flawless robots. In the event things don’t go as planned – and it will happen – I will teach you how to quickly get back on track, and stay there. This could be as simple as setting alarms on your phone as reminders to consume water, right down to discussing emotional eating in its entirety. This is why I coach. To help solve problems as they appear, and create solutions with you when they are needed. 

Why you should work with a pro

Having professional, educated coaching won’t just yield the best results. It will save you countless months of wasted time, money, frustration, and energy. It removes all the guesswork, answers all the seemingly endless questions. You won’t have to worry about when or what to change for your plans. You will continue to progress, without plateaus. You won’t be left hanging, or let down. It will give you a greater understanding of something on top of how healthy you’ll be and great you’ll look.


Sure, getting nutrition templates and workout programs off of google can probably will work – until a point. Everything might work for a while. This isn’t a “12 week booty blast” that has been already built without seeing your body shape. This isn’t a calorie total based solely upon your height and weight. This isn’t a bootcamp workout given to yourself and 30 other people doing the same exercises for the same amount of time wanting different results. This is unique, ongoing coaching that skyrockets your results, adjusting and adapting as it goes on. 

You can’t Google a coach.

What is included in the coaching process?

  • Personalized Training Programs
  • Flexible, Sustainable Nutrition plans
  • Access to my “clients only” website, with many FAQ’s, tips, explanations, and more
  • Weekly (minimum) assessments, with detailed feedback and support
  • Detailed exercise demonstrations/tweaks specific for you
  • Workout/Technique assessments
  • Specific Supplementation suggestions (if needed)
  • 24/7 ongoing email/text coaching for all questions and concerns
  • Your very own Fitness, Nutrition and Competition GPS
Interested? Get Started Now
Interested? Get Started Now