CASE STUDY: Dream Wedding Weight Loss

Oct 11, 2016 | Case Study, Nutrition

Courtney H came to me looking to lose fat and get in shape for one of the most important days of her life: her wedding.

The results speak for themselves, but I want to make a note about this.

There are reasons why you need to be careful when doing this. As a coach, my philosophy is that my job is to get you to your goals as quickly as possible, but there are limits. Your body will re-bound if you don’t do things in a safe and intelligent manner, and there are limits to what can be done, even for expert coaches. For example, you cannot safely lose 100 lbs. in the three months before your wedding. You just can’t. Your hormones will kick you in the ass six ways to Sunday. You will regret it.

But, when you do things smartly and safely? Within the limits of your body?

Look at these freaking results.

I posted them to my Instagram account awhile back:



Before she used a custom Mega Made training and workout plan, Courtney was training three times a week, sort of off and on.

She was very serious, so we moved her up to four times a week, two days of upper body, two days of lower body. She did a bit of cardio interval training as well on top of this, starting at three times per week, and up to five.


That’s a lot of training above, so her diet had to fuel it… but her diet also had to let the training do its fat-loss work. This is a delicate balance. She was okay on high-carbs, medium-to-low fat, and moderate-to-high protein.

She described this as a “lot” of food, especially at the beginning, because she was transitioning over from some awful foods and food habits. So satiation was definitely there, especially early on.


With Courtney, I talked with her a lot about mindset and habits.

We knew the weeks AFTER her wedding were going to be hugely important, because she didn’t want to gain the weight back, or get caught in an endless struggle of “fighting” her own body. We also talked a lot about her support system, and sometimes – yes – a lack of it, and how to deal with this.


After her wedding, she kept up the Mega Lifestyle, but as anyone who has planned a wedding knows, she was also able to start focusing more on other things. In her case… she became pregnant, and began the next chapter of her life.

Since then, we’ve chatted, but not in an official coach/client capacity. Now that she’s had her first child, we’ve re-connected. She’s a full-time mom right now, and she has a bit of very normal post-pregnancy weight she wants to lose, but she’s ready to nail things again with coaching and expert programming.

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