Hi Everyone! Mega Marty back again, head coach of #TeamPopTart talking to you today about bikini competitions.

What I’ve been noticing, especially at the regional levels, is that bikini competitors are showing up without the correct muscle balance and proportions. This is what I have been noticing:
-Girls have dominant, in most cases MUCH too dominant quad muscles
-Fairly decent core/abdominals
-Lacking in the shoulders
-Lacking in upper back/rhomboids
-Hamstrings/glutes SEVERELY lagging.
-Arms a BIT too small
In Canada, Alberta Especially, we like our ladies a BIT bigger and leaner than they do in the USA. we’ll ALMOST call it a mini-figure look (but a different shape and posing of course)
Girls, you need to realize you must have some muscle to diet down to. If you haven’t been lifting weights for a while, you’re going to have build up muscle to achieve the look they’re after. Of course, I have seen exceptions where some girls just genetically have fuller muscle bellies and therefore can do OKAY with little training. These ladies are outliers and are NOT the norm.
Another thing is that this is not JUST bikini. Bikini girls need to work for this. Anyone who thinks bikini is easy hasn’t seen the work that most of these girls need/have to put in.
Going back to the original topic:
General guidelines for bikini Training:
1) Get your strength up. You do NOT need to be doing upside down bosu squats if you cannot squat 50 lbs on your back. Get a strength routine under your belt with proper technique so that imbalances with posture and strength don’t arise.
2) Ease slowly into more of a “bodybuilding” training split. Women do not have the testosterone that males do, and therefore need to beat themselves up in the correct manner to put on any sizeable muscle mass. Yes, I am talking about bikini here. They are NOT just skin and bones.
3) NOW move into a more “classic” bikini approach. Now the “fluffier” exercises will have a place, and can finally have usage of them. This is not implying to ditch barbell squats in lieu of bosu squats. I am saying though that when properly implemented, they COULD have a usage now.
4) Troubleshooting/proportion work. Are my quads to big? Do my arms need more work? Is my current routine addressing these goals? All questions that are now prevalent.
Having a competent coach is becoming increasingly important now, to make sure that you’re not wasting your time in the gym with incorrect workouts.
Make sure you’re doing it right.
Do it Mega.
Get on the team.

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