If there is one thing Marty can do, it is his outgoing and always positive attitude, every time after you finish a session with him you feel high on life. As for informational, I have been working out for 8 years, first time in a competition. I thought I knew my stuff by now, boy was I wrong. Marty is a text book of information. Marty is on the new and fresh side of things i.e. for workouts (tension band, different workout techniques), nutrition (everything he had me doing was completely different from everyone else that was doing the same comp).
Chad Ryckman

Marty has the knowledge needed for living a healthy lifestyle while building muscle. He is always there to answer your questions (even if they’re silly and at 10:30 at night), provide support, and help you through the rough patches. It’s not always easy to get to your goals but Marty is there to do the thinking part for you; you just need to put in the work.

He is the happiest, most polite and professional trainer I’ve seen out there. I’m very pleased with him, and the results I’m seeing, I would recommend him to anyone!

Leigh Unger

Marty was able to take my goals and make them a reality. Even with all the hurdles and pitfalls I put us through. Twice over the course of one year I think I lost ALL of the weight and muscle I had put on in the gym and we had to start over from square one. He took these hurdles in stride and was able to encourage me to keep trying even after I myself felt like giving up.

I thank Marty for the plethora of information he threw at me, and despite that fact that sometimes I hate what he has to say I know it’s only so I can reach my peak fitness goals. I appreciate the fact that he tells you how it is , even if it’s not what I wanted to hear but the results speak for themselves; by far the best trainer I have had the privilege working with.
Nolan Wood

I have trained with Marty for over 2 years now. I owe a lot to Marty both as a trainer and as a “normal person” who has been there for me and my fitness journey. Marty is the best support system someone could have in and out of the gym. Marty has helped me transform my mind and body. He pushes me hard in the gym and always has my best interest in mind.

March of 2011 I found out I was pregnant. I thought my body was doomed. He reassured me that everything was going to be fine. I kept working out in the gym up in till a few weeks before I actually gave birth (despite all the weird looks I got). I had a c-section so the doctor told me I couldn’t go back to the gym for 6 weeks.

Right at the 6 week mark I was BACK! Marty and I worked hard and I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight in no time. I owe Marty a ton! There is nothing better than being healthy, looking good and having the energy I need for my busy baby boy. Marty has changed my meal plan to fit my life style changes quite a bit lately, and every time I follow what he says the plan always works. He is a genius! When my baby was little I didn’t have a lot of time and Marty was very understanding and accommodating. Now that he is getting bigger i am able to do more , and I actually joined a 12 week fitness challenge! With the guidance and knowledge of Marty at my side I know that I will have no problems succeeding in all of my personal goals as well as the goals of this challenge. Thanks for always being there for me man!

Ashton Fenske

I highly recommend Marty to anyone who is serious about competing or even just serious about starting a workout program, and getting on with a healthy lifestyle.
Jackie Groleau

Marty has been my trainer for over a year now, and in that time I’ve been able to make drastic improvements in my physique. Most importantly, the programs and meal plans he has made for me have been simple enough to follow easily and interesting enough to not be boring!
Sarah Willis

Marty is hands down the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I first met Marty in April 2009, before I began training with him I had never lifted any weights, I was more focused on cardio. Like most women, I thought that weightlifting would make me “bulky” or bigger. I considered myself to be healthy and “fit” but once I started training with Marty my mind was completely blown. I learned how to lift weights properly and saw that I was actually losing inches by lifting heavy weights! Not only that but I was gaining muscle and losing fat.

Marty also created a meal plan for me, it was easy to follow and I couldn’t believe how much more energy I had in my workouts. I knew diet was important but little did I know how much of a role it played in my day to day activities. Since training with Marty I have gotten the results I want, plus a lifetime of knowledge that I will constantly use when it comes to training and nutrition. I would definitely recommend Marty to anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle, fitness and nutrition.

Christie Cormack

Marty has always hands down been one of the most passionate personal trainers I’ve ever known. Driven by knowledge, results and pure gratification of giving his clients the best advice, in the most sustainable, efficient and effective way possible. He would be what I would call the “human sponge” soaking up every piece of fitness and nutrition advice and then researching it further and further with a fine tooth comb. Memories of working with Marty over the years include MANY MANY UPS/Canada Post deliveries of nutrition/fitness books/dvds arriving and Marty getting super excited to tackle them. Several times I remember seeing him walking on the treadmill completely immersed within a book and then proceeding to read cover after cover.
Kathy Taylor

I’ve been with Marty for over 8 months now and I have found a new love for training. I’m addicted to the gym and now that Marty is doing my nutrition, I have constantly made gains and achieved a lot of my goals, with many to reach yet. Marty is one constant you can count on in your training. He is always there to help, spot, give advice, and push you when you need it.
Donovan W

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