Alright, upon talking with colleagues and friends, I’m going to do this.  I’m starting a new fad. THE new fad. This is going to be better than P90X, better than the bosu, stability balls. Better than TRX. They better than the ab circle, shake weight, and stand-on-it-and-it-shakes-you thingy.

so what is this fad you say?

drummmmmmMMM rolllllll….

the fad is:


thats right. there is NO FAD that works. that is why they called it a fad. they potentially work in the beginning.

they might even make you in much better shape than the gym has ever gotten you into. but lets ask ourselves the following questions:

1) did you change your eating habits?
2) How is/was your stress level?
3) what do you attribute to your success? the workout/fad solely?
4) how “on track” were you?

that is just a couple questions to ask yourself.

where am i going with this?

I’m going to provide a series of “helpful articles” or ways to keep yourslef going. what the answers are. I’ve provided most of them in here, but i can see them being confusing so i’m going to do something i haven’t done, and “lay it out” what you should be doing, and what i do with most Mega Marty Nutrition & Fitness clients.

I’ve contemplated doing this and not doing this, but I’ve decided to give away the Mega Marty Method fad: there is no fad.

I’m going to lay out what I would have YOU or anyone else doing.

questions are MORE than welcomed, thats what I pride myself on is being able to answer any questions you can.

So prepare for the new fad: NO FAD!!!

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