The weekend – synonymous to most with Party, fun, no work, booze, and more! Your schedule (especially if you’re a 9-5er) is off, you sleep in, stay up late, and much more. You can still be on point for the weekends – or at the bare minimum do some damage control with the following 5 MEGA tips (see what I did there?)


1. Don’t worry so much about the timing, worry about the total volume of food.

There is enough evidence out there that shows that getting X protein, Y Carbs, and Z fats in per day takes precedence over timing your meals out perfectly. If you’re doing activities, and “miss a meal” – don’t sweat it – either “double up” before the event, or after.


2. Use a big jug of water to keep on top of intake.

I see a lot of complaints about how people seem to “miss” their total water intake. This is a VERY quick fix – fill up a 4-liter jug (or whatever your current daily water intake should be) and bring it along for the ride.


3. Bring your food with you.

6 pack coolers, and the isobag are 2 great options in order to bring your food along with you. If you’re travelling, this is a very simple answer to “I ran out of food” or “we’re running late” or any other time oriented excuse. Sure, you’ll be the dude/chick with the cooler, but hey – if they’re your goals, and they matter, you’ll make it happen.


4. Pick one night to “dine out” instead of the entire weekend.

Sometimes all it requires is a tiny bit of preparation. If you find yourself on both Friday and Saturday night out with friends for food – maybe it’s time to cut down JUST a bit on the “food oriented” social gatherings. If you’re new to following a plan, these situations can be very daunting, and lead to a spiral of shame and guilt. I’m not saying you can’t get to the point where you don’t feel pressured into eating crap eventually, but maybe for the time being, plan something different


5. Grab onto other “fitness friends” and link up with them on the weekend

As I’ve talked about before, your social circle can either make or break your goals, so hanging around others with the same goals as you on the weekend can really help out. Maybe schedule a workout with them, or a healthy option to eat out so you can still remain on point.

This is life, and I totally get that. Anyone that had the * pleasure * of knowing me in my late teens early 20’s knows that I was the WORST for weekend accountability. Hey – if there is hope for me, there is hope for you too.

Want to find out even more about how you should be eating on the weekends, or even the weekdays for your goals? Zip me a message with your specific struggles at the “contact me” and let me know!

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